Virtual Assistants – Who We Are and What We Do!

Have you ever wondered what actually is a Virtual Assistant?

You’d be forgiven for hearing the word ‘Virtual’ and immediately conjuring up an image of a cartoon like robot in a 3D alternate reality ….

Young woman with virtual reality headset

But what’s the difference between a Personal Assistant and a Virtual one?

The range of tasks covered by both is generally very similar.  Providing assistance to one or more people with personal or professional tasks.


A Personal Assistant generally works in-person, and most often they are employed by a company or an individual.  Furthermore they usually have set paid hours on a PAYE basis.

Whereas a Virtual Assistant works entirely remotely, enabling the candidate to be anywhere in the world!

They often work on an adhoc self-employed contract basis.  Giving the employer more flexibility with booking hours.  Consequently without the commitment of a full time employee.

Now I know what you’re thinking …..

Why would someone choose to work on a Self-employed basis rather than the job security of PAYE?

Primarily, working remotely and with somewhat flexible hours gives the VA more freedom to fit in work around other commitments.  Whether they have several clients, family commitments, or second careers/side hustles.  

And thanks to remote working culture becoming mainstream in recent years, Virtual Assistants are in demand more than ever!

But who are the people behind the screen?  And what do they actually do??

It would be wrong to generalise who a Virtual Assistant is, or even to generalise what they do.  Above all, we have entirely different backgrounds, experience and current working situations. 

 So let me narrow it down and tell you a little about some of our wonderful VAs at My Freelance Admin. 


Administrative assistant

Ayra is one of our fabulous finds!  She is a passionate and hard-working multi-skilled VA. She’s an absolute whizz at Bookkeeping, with a love for numbers and all things Accounts related. 

Ayra has a huge range of admin skills and experience.  For instance general admin, graphic design, and data analysis to name a few.

Here are a few examples of some of her current bookings through My Freelance Admin

  • Bookkeeping

CLIENT: Staffing agency

  • General admin support

CLIENT: Staffing agency

  • Website editing

CLIENT: Startup Tech company

  • General admin support

CLIENT: Startup Tech company

  • T-shirt design

CLIENT: Musician – merchandise



Virtual Administrative Assistant

Having run my own self-employed business for many years, I’ve had plenty of experience with all things admin related! 

Across my career, I have spent time within different industries, and gained various admin skills and experience along the way.

Some of my current bookings through My Freelance Admin are:

  • Blog writing!!

Various clients

  • General assistant tasks – logistics planning and inbox management.

CLIENT: Company Director of a beverage Startup.

  • LinkedIn outreach

CLIENT: Company Director of a staffing agency

  • Customer Service ad-hoc cover

CLIENT: Tech platform Startup

  • Facilitating the tech for live online workshops and community outreach

CLIENT: Well known Singer/Songwriter

  • Social Media content production

CLIENT: Staffing agency

  • Video editing

CLIENT: Popular party band



Virtual Assistant Picture

Aoife has worked for some of the biggest brands marketing teams.  Including Mars, KFC, and Aviva. 

She has experience in all things advertising.  From strategic planning, to the activation of search and social campaigns.

An example of one of Aoife’s current bookings through MFA:

  • SEO and copy writing

CLIENT: Start up tech company



Administrative assistant

Sera has run her own business within the music industry for many years.  And is very experienced in all the admin work that comes along with it!  

She is a highly creative member of our collective and is an exceptional copywriter.

Through MFA, some of Sera’s current bookings are:

  • Blog writing

CLIENT: Staffing agency

  • Company Culture Development

CLIENT: Staffing agency

  • Copywriting

CLIENT: Staffing agency



Virtual Assistant

In addition to being Company Director of My Freelance Admin, Rachael handles all client relations and bookings. 

And as a VA herself (and PA for many years) she has a wide range of skills and experience.

So this background has helped her immensely with her OBM client days.  Which is one of our highly sought after services we provide!

  • Online Business Manager Consultation day

EXAMPLE CLIENT: Building company

Assessing their admin processes to help them scale.

EXAMPLE CLIENT: Singer/Songwriter

Building processes and an admin team to help towards a product launch


We believe the variety of skills, experience and background of our VAs allows us to tailor our service to each client.  This means we can provide them with the most appropriate VA to get the job done.  Or a collective of VAs to build their bespoke team depending on their needs.

Often our clients tell us how wonderful it is to know their business is still running in the background, even as they sleep. 

Scrolling through instagram and seeing your own quality content appear on your business page.

Receiving a new client enquiry in your LinkedIn messages after your team’s outreach.

Being presented with a playbook of tailored business processes to strategically scale your company.


Booking a VA from us is like having a brand new mattress.  

We’re the support you didn’t realise you needed, to give you the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time!

Sleeping woman

Book a call now with Rachael to discuss how we can help you.


Written by Debbie Watt

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