Artist in Business – 7 Ways To Reclaim Your Creative Freedom

You dreamt of being an Artist your whole life.

As a child you spent your Sundays experimenting with watercolours rather than having a water balloon fight with your pals.

Your teen years were spent perfecting your craft, and being laughed at when you said you wanted to be an Artist for a living.

You knew you were unique.  The prospect of an office job and working all hours doing admin made you crumble with dread.  Yet you were told time and time again – ‘ART ISN’T A PROPER JOB.’

You stuck with your dream. Then, as an adult it finally started to happen:

The momentum is building…..

The buzz is happening……

The commission enquiries are rolling in…….and finally…..

You’re in your office.  You’re working all hours, and you have so much admin surrounding this beautiful business you’ve created, that you no longer have time to perfect your craft.  To experiment with watercolours.  To play.

Because you’re too busy creating video content for instagram. 

And chasing invoice payments. 

And replying to a GAZILLION emails and DM’s.

The reality of running a successful business on your own is that you HAVE to make time for the boring stuff.  And you HAVE to become capable of doing all those things.  Trying to learn everything in the space of a few months that your friend spent 3 years at University studying in a business degree.

OR DO YOU?????

What if there was someone who could do it for you?

NEWSFLASH …….There is!!

At My Freelance Admin we specialise in admin support for Artists and Creatives just like you, and are experienced in helping you to relay and execute precisely what you need doing, whether on an ad hoc basis or regular tasks.

And believe me when I say, every one of the artists we support has thought the same thing as you right now ….

How could I afford that? Won’t it eat into my profits? I can’t possibly commit to that.

If this is resonating, I want you to ask yourself this question:

How much is your time worth?

If you were to put a value on how much you would pay to have an entire afternoon to paint or create, entirely undisturbed, how much would that be?  Would it be more or less than you were willing to pay for a Virtual Assistant to take on your social media, or a bookkeeper to sort out your invoices?

Think about the tasks you find absolutely tedious, or you consistently procrastinate on because you’re not really sure how to start, or it’s just not your forte.  Now imagine they were someone else’s tasks to deal with ……..


Here are 7 ways we’re supporting Artist’s right now, JUST LIKE YOU!


1. Nurturing Email Sequences

After your lead magnet campaign or steady flow of subscribers, you’ll need to use a programme such as Mailchimp to automate your emails and campaigns. 

Nurturing sequences can be costly, in terms of time, so the more clear you can be on your planning and pre-prepped emails, the less time our VAs would need to set it up.


2. Social Media Management

I know it can feel very ‘eggy’ sometimes trying to keep up with the trends of social media and the ever-changing algorithms, but we have VAs who can take your content and turn it in to something magical. 


3. Newsletter and Blog creation

Some people will tell you to try and produce one newsletter and one blog per week to keep your audience engaged.  But that’s a lot of writing, and if it’s not your thing it’s definitely something to easily pass on to someone else to do for you!


4. Website Design and maintenance.

When some of our artists think about where to start with their website design and branding, they feel like a walking brain-exploding emoji!  Work together with our VAs to figure out what you want your visuals to be.


5. Inbox Management

Sometimes I think if we had a permanent infra-red light you could quite literally see emails, DM’s, Whatsapp messages actually flying out of our ears!  Modern life is not conducive to shutting it all out, and goodness knows we need to! 

Creative work is so much harder with emails on your mind, so think about handing over a portion of that to a Virtual Assistant.


6. Bookkeeping

A few of our Artistic clients use our bookkeeping services.  Whilst they were blessed with an incredible visual talent, they absolutely hate dealing with numbers, and forms, and invoices etc.

But as they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Some of our VAs get giddy over their love for numbers, so don’t hesitate  …. hand it over!


7. Copywriting

Writing copy for every single social media post and web page, designed specifically to engage your ideal client ….. well frankly it’s tiring!  So let us take this task for one of our VAs who thrives on writing copy!


We’re helping artists just like you to reclaim their creative time with a budget that’s suitable and affordable to their needs……. Could YOU be one of them?



With prices starting at £25 per hour, you can’t afford not to do this.  Trust me, I know the fear of investing financially in something only too well.  But you’ve already come this far with your impeccable talent, and beaten the critics who told you to ‘get a real job’.

It’s time to take it to the next level.  Show your business the same passion and commitment that you’ve shown your talent all these years. 

Book a free discovery call with Rachael to discuss how we can help you share your unique offerings to the world!


Written by Debbie Watt

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