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Admin support package solutions for you!

We create bespoke packages based on what you need right now, and these can evolve as your business does.

We create bespoke admin support packages to help your business grow.

Here’s a home truth about running your own business. The old fashioned way of running a business just doesn’t work anymore. 

Spending months recruiting team members, weeks training, and thousands of pounds developing your team, only to find that 3 months later the company’s needs have grown and you need to start all over again – it’s a bit old hat now, isn’t it?

Sound familiar?

The beauty of working with My Freelance Admin is that we can provide you with the support you need in real time. This means that as you grow, your needs grow too and we can expand the support we give you as and when you need it. 

We create bespoke packages based on what you need right now, and these can evolve as your business does. 

Book a call with us today to have a deep dive into all the areas where you’d like support, and we’ll put together a tailored package that can get started right away.

Looking for a social media manager to take care of your socials every day? Look no further.

Need to completely revolutionise all your systems and processes? We’ve got it covered!

Check out some of these popular packages to give you an idea of the type of support we could offer you…

Setting up for Success


A deep dive admin audit into your business working with an Online Business Manager via Zoom to go through your admin processes in detail and create a clear structure.

The outcome of this package is a detailed breakdown of the 6 most important admin processes bespoke to your company that need implementation, along with a copy of the minutes from our session.

Read more about this package here.

Skills on Demand package

Bespoke pricing

Our Skills on Demand package is one of our most popular as it means you set a budget for the week or month, and we provide the skills you need as and when required. 

The package would be tailored to what you are looking for, however an example of this could be:
Budget = £620 per week
The next week you may want to add in a creative skill such as Blog Writing, and we would work with you to decide how to restructure the week. Such as;
Admin support for businesses

Set Up My Business Package

From £1,200

This one-off package is designed for the early stages of setting up a small business. It includes:

Set Up My Business Package​

Want to make space for your
business to thrive?

Personal admin support

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Easy to book admin

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