How to Hand Over Your Work to a Virtual Assistant

If you’ve read our last Blog ‘How to Work With a Virtual Assistant’ you will now have a clear idea of exactly what a virtual assistant is and does.

Now let’s break it down further….

Once again, let’s get hammering!

Handing over work


Where should I start?

This is a big step, there’s no doubt about it. Some people may do a happy dance once they’ve off-loaded the work they don’t enjoy, but for most of our clients, we have found the actioning of this to be a bit of a blocker.

Knowing HOW to hand over!

Our Company Director, Rachael Bosanquet (Online Business Manager and former virtual and personal assistant) identified the broad need for some help in this area, which led her to produce a fantastic and informative e-book, titled ‘3 Steps on How to Hand Over Your Work’

E-Book — 3 steps on How to Hand Over Your Work


Step 1: Before you get stuck in.

Rachael recommends scheduling 30 minutes for yourself to sit down and focus on the task at hand ….. handing over. Whether it’s taking 30 minutes to make lists into a notepad, work through the exercises in the e-book, or even brain dump via voice note to Rachael herself, making this space for yourself is the first way of committing to the prospect of handing over.

“Stopping for 30 minutes has a magical effect and can buy you several hours.”  Rachael Bosanquet


Step 2: Break it Down


The aim of this step is to identify what it is that is taking up your time right now, and whether it can be handed to someone else.

The idea is to list out ALL the tasks you have to do within your business, and how long each one usually takes you to complete. Then if you equate that time to what you consider to be your hourly rate, you can start to visually see that time is money.

The e-book contains a very handy and flow chart and a table for working this all out.


Step 3: Action it


You have 2 choices here. To do this manually, Rachael recommends that you build comprehensive task processes. See it as a roadmap, or a playbook for your VA — a detailed account from start to finish of all the steps involved in one of your business tasks, and EXACTLY how to execute them.

If the idea of this makes you fall asleep at the wheel, your 2nd choice is to book a call with Rachael! With our ‘Setting Up For Success’ package she can build these foundations for you! Together, you can deep dive into the task list, one by one, and work out precisely which skills you require from your virtual assistant. Then she will guide you through the details to add to each process.

Once you have your processes in place and a good idea of how much help you need, Rachael can help you to design your ideal VA package (no obligation!). Whether you need help on an ad hoc basis, a continuous booking, or to build a team of VAs with different skills.

This e-book, ‘3 Steps on How to Hand Over Your Work’, is an entirely FREE resource and has so far received glowing reviews from entrepreneurs and business owners, all seeking to create a little more space in their day-to-day lives. Be sure to grab your copy!


Rachael Bosanquet — Author of ‘3 Steps on How to Hand Over Your Work’


In summary, the best way to feel comfortable handing over your work to a virtual assistant is to focus on these 3 key elements:


Preparation, details and communication.

The more info you can build into your processes, the better prepared the VA will be to take care of business.


Written by Debbie Watt 


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