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We are an ever expanding collective of Virtual Assistants and expert freelancers offering flexible admin support. We all have one thing in common – we love getting stuff done! Give us a task, and we are on it (with passion, precision and punctuality). Here’s just a few of our key freelancers you’ll get to know:

Virtual administrative assistant


Key Skills: Online Business Manager, Organisation and Planning

Geeky Guilty Pleasure: Getting to the nitty gritty of how a business’s admin team works, and how to make them work even better.

Virtual Administrative Assistant


Key Skills: Customer Service, Social Media, CRM Management

Geeky Guilty Pleasure:
Being helpful! Making someone’s day in the most productive way.

Administrative assistant


Key Skills: Team Management, Company Culture Development, Online Business Manager, Video Editing, Copywriting

Geeky Guilty Pleasure: Finding the essence of a company and helping them develop their company culture. Also video editing.


Key Skills: Social Media, Personal Assistant Tasks, Email Outreach, Bookkeeping,  Booking & managing suppliers

Geeky Guilty Pleasure: Learning and continually growing my skills so I can always be at the top of my game. 

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Here’s How It Works

We have a range of skilled freelancers available offering admin support wherever you need it. Our popular packages are listed on the packages page, and we can also design a bespoke support package based on what you need. Click here to book an informal chat with us – we can’t wait to hear more about what you’re doing with your business and how we can support you!

We also offer ad hoc services for one off tasks you may need help with! See our services page for everything we offer.

The beauty of using an agency like My Freelance Admin is that we are waiting in the wings, ready to support you now. We know that hiring your own employees can be overwhelming, a real drain on your time and finances, and it can take months to go through the recruitment process. Working with us is a much more efficient process – just book a call to discuss your needs, and we could have a package put together and working to support you in a matter of days. For ad hoc tasks, we currently have a 1 week lead time, however (subject to availability) we offer a last minute/urgent service for the current week when needed. Please contact us and request our Overview document for a breakdown of our pricing structure.  

We pride ourselves on making the handover as clear, easy and efficient for you as possible, and are experienced at slotting into the philosophy, branding and ethos of the companies we work with. If you are working with one of our Online Business Managers (OBM) we will take the lead with all training and development as your team grows. 

For one off tasks, you’ll fill out a detailed form to let us know everything you need, and our freelancers will seamlessly get started from there. 

Fees start from £30 per hour.

We work as efficiently as possible and will keep you up to date with our progress regularly.

For ad hoc tasks it can be challenging for both you and us to estimate how long it will take, so let us know from the start if the time you have booked is an estimate (and therefore flexible if more time is needed) or a maximum budget and therefore we will get whatever we can done in that time. Our long term relationship is very valuable and therefore we are clear, upfront and honest when communicating our working hours.

We offer flexible admin support and are happy to use whatever software and systems your company has in place. Within the Agency, we use Slack for messaging, Asana for task setting and Google Drive for storing and sharing files.

We ask for 1 month’s notice if you need to cancel a regular freelancer or Skills on Demand package, 1 week’s notice to move a regular time booked, and 2 day’s notice to cancel or move an ad hoc booking. 

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