Admin Support – How Does It Work and What Does It Cost?

Virtual freelance admin support … somebody else taking care of the necessary bits and bobs to help your business run and grow.  Sound like the dream?

But then comes the reality…….”will it eat up my profits?”




How frustrating is it when you go onto a company’s website and scour through the whole thing to find a price.

Only to be met with a ‘contact us for prices’……


Now, I realise that for some products it can be dependent on varying factors, and it can be near impossible to provide an accurate quote on a website without knowing the full details.

But more often then not you just want a rough idea so you know whether it’s a waste of time pursuing it.  And let’s face it Entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to spend researching it, gathering quotes, emailing pleasantries back and forth…..

(Ironically that’s something you can outsource to My Freelance Admin!!)

This is why we felt it was imperative for us to provide you with prices from the get-go.  Quite frankly, none of us have time for the ever enticing ‘what’s the fee’ dance!  And with our upfront and clear pricing structure, you can budget for your freelance admin support before you even contact us!


“No really, what is the fee for admin support??”


MFA Overview of Services


“Transparency and clarity are two of our most favoured values”

With that in mind, we split our fees for our services into the following simple categories and prices:

  • Administration and Finance – £25 per hour
  • Management – £40 per hour
  • Customer Service – £25 per hour or £60 per day rate (which includes having a CSO monitoring your CS enquiries)
  • Creative Content – £40 per hour  (with the exception of Proofreading which is £50ph)
  • Event Management – £27 per hour


As that slightly odd talking meerkat would say, ‘Simples!’

(Click here for a breakdown of which admin services are included within those categories )


With this clear overview we want to enable you to have a good idea if hiring virtual admin support is feasible for where you are with your business.


 “I need a one off task to be completed.  Is that possible?”

Yes!  With our ad hoc booking option we take away the commitment of having a full or part time employee, and you can book flexible admin support as and when you need it!


“I have a budget in mind for admin support, but my demands change on a weekly basis.”

No worries – we’ve got you!

This is where our ever popular SKILLS ON DEMAND package is the perfect fit.

In a nutshell, you set a budget for the week or month, and we provide the skills you need as and when required.  It’s entirely unique to you.

1. You decide how much your business can afford to spend on freelance admin support.

2. You discuss your needs for that week or month with us.

3. We suggest the perfect way to allocate your budget to get the work done.

4. You manage to have day off, put your feet up, and relax in the knowledge your business is in capable hands!

So for example:

Your budget = £550 per week.  This could get you:

  • 1 hour per day Personal Assistant Support – organising your inbox and managing your calendar
  • 2 hours per week Social Media Scheduling
  • 1 hour per day Social Media Engagement
  • 2 hours per day Customer Service Assistant


But here’s where the magic of flexible admin support happens ……

The next week you decide you want to add in a creative skill such as Blog Writing, so we then work with you to restructure the week. Such as:

  • 2 hours Blog Writing
  • 1 hour Admin Support – uploading the blog to your website
  • 1 hour Proofreading
  • 30 mins per day Personal Assistant Support
  • 2 hours Social Media Scheduling
  • 30 mins per day Social Media Engagement
  • 9 hours Customer Service Assistant


One thing we know about business is that budget’s can fluctuate.  Perhaps you’re having an incredible month, you’ve taken a bundle of orders and you know you will need the extra support to cover it.

Alternatively, we’ve all had those difficult months where things don’t go quite to plan.  The sales aren’t as consistent, or world events swoop in to mess up your flow (you know, those two years we don’t talk about anymore!)

With My Freelance Admin you can be reassured that our flexible way of working will move with peaks and the pits of your business flow, and help you to scale up or down your admin support as required.



Since the start of this year we have been providing our SKILLS ON DEMAND package to the award winning Tech Startup ‘Experience This’ – a brand activation platform.

At the start of the year we were providing them with:

  • An Online Business Manager (OBM) who was creating the admin processes and preparing them for scale
  • An Admin Assistant to complete the tasks that come up daily


As time went on they needed a Customer Service Operative (CSO), so we reduced the OBM hours and brought in a CSO.  The company ran with that team for a few months before they needed to flex in some SEO work, graphic design and copywriting.  We worked with the client to decide where they could reduce the hours of the other skills to add these higher priced skills in. 

Feddback from Experience This

With our SKILLS ON DEMAND package you can scale your budget up or down accordingly, so we will work with you at all times to best suit your needs. *

*For our Skills On Demand Package, we will confirm with you the hours and skills needed by the Friday before each week. Once the VAs have been confirmed for the following week, we require 24 hours notice for any changes.  We require 1 weeks notice for any changes in weekly budget allocation.



“I have big ideas for my business, what admin support do I need to help me get there?”


Price: £350 Half Day/ £650 Full Day)

If you’re feeling unsure of what services to book to best help you in moving forwards within your business, we believe that two heads are better than one!  We recommend booking a no obligations brainstorming session with one of our Online Business Managers.

This includes an in depth Zoom session between you and the OBM.  Together you will break down the daily admin tasks that are needed for your business, and design the processes around them to create a stable foundation to move forward.

The takeaway will be a document outlining the processes which can be used by your existing team, or as you scale your business and grow.  This can then be used as a guideline towards booking our Skills on Demand package if you wish, or ad hoc admin support if that suits your needs.


“I want to get my business up and running ASAP, but there’s SO much to do!”

Yep, SO MUCH!  Starting a business from scratch takes time, and if you’re already in a full time job and not able to take that leap to full time self-employment without having something in place, it can be so hard to find the time to put it all together.

Presenting our SET UP MY BUSINESS package!

From £975, this one-off package is designed for the early stages of setting up a small business. It includes:


Whatever your situation, we have the freelance admin solution for you.  We hope that with our clarity on prices you can see that virtual admin support doesn’t have to break the bank.

You have the power to make your life a little easier by booking some admin support today.

And lets face it – who doesn’t want an easier life???!

To book a no obligations call to further discuss your needs, LETS CHAT.


Written by Debbie Watt

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