Sera has a vast amount of experience running a corporate entertainment company and managing over 100 freelancers. As the founder of the company, she has learned many skills along the way which led to her development as an online business manager.
Sera's Skills
  • Managerial Tasks
  • Online Business Manager
  • Team Management
  • Company Culture
  • Development Planning
  • Copywriting/Creative Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Video Editing and Creation
  • Blog Writing
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Podcast Editing
  • Editing Audio Media
  • Examples of Jobs

    Here are some examples of jobs that Sera has completed recently:

    Online Business Manager Audit -

    Reviewing the company's processes and helping them create clarity.

    Development planning session with a business Coach -

    Looking at their goals for their business and breaking it down into achievable steps for them to follow.

    Blog writing for a range of different businesses -

    Such as an HR Agency, Entertainment Agency, Musician, Business Coach, and many more.

    Writing the copy for a HR agency's website -

    Working on the company's tone of voice and messaging.

    Editing audio media for several different businesses for marketing use -

    Such as Podcasts, YouTube, Clips to include in presentations etc.

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