Ad Hoc Support

Ad Hoc Support

We are currently trialing this new service. Our aim is to make ad hoc admin support really accessible and we are really open to any feedback you have whilst we are in this trial phase.

Have a browse of the selection of freelancers to choose from below. If you are looking for a particular skill, you can use the search feature on your keyboard (e.g. Command F on a MAC, or ctrl+shift+f on PC) to find who has that skill.

Our usual ad hoc rates are £33ph for admin tasks, and £48ph for marketing and managerial tasks, however these are reflected at a discounted price whilst we are in our trial phase. Some more specialist freelancers will be priced at different rates.

If you are unsure who to book for your task, please send us an email or ask us in the chat widget on the bottom right hand of the screen, and we will make a recommendation.

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Available Freelancers

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Nick is available:
Wordpress customisation Woocommerce builds Website Design and Re-Designs Plugin development Custom-built solutions Email management (web/tech) Hosting and DNS support Mailchimp integration Custom coded HTML email templates Consultancy and advice
Nick has over ten years experience of working with Website Design, Build and Customisation. Whilst predominantly working with Wordpress based websites, Nick can also work on most website platforms including Shopify, Wix, Squarespace etc.
Here are some examples of jobs that Nick has completed recently:

Consultancy and advice for a Joomla website –

An hours phone conversation with a client to show them how to use their Joomla website

Mailchimp integration –

Integrating MailChimp sign up form into Wordpress website

DNS Support –

Creating and editing the DNS records so that a clients domain name re-direct worked correctly

Ad hoc admin support


Emma is available:
Weekdays, Weekends and Evenings
General Admin Personal Assistant Tasks Calendar Management Social Media Content Management Email Management Networking Outreach Data Entry Database Creation and Management Online Filing Systems Presentation Building and Editing Research Transcription Email Marketing Set Up
Emma has Executive Assistant experience from working for companies where she handles all of the Admin, helps with HR and the Personal Assistant tasks for the Senior Team. Her strengths are organisation, communication, event organising & research.
Here are some examples of jobs that Emma has completed recently:

Tidied up a companies entire Google Drive –

Created order for 100’s of loose documents with a comprehensive filing system that is being used now exclusively.

Organising company two day culture trip –

Planned a two day culture trip for the entire company, including 4 activities in two different cities in the UK, accommodation, food and travel.

Booking travel –

Booked flights/accommodation/on the ground travel for an important client trip internationally.

Market research –

Research into clients competitors, putting together a document of information for them to review.

Social media scheduling –

Scheduling a client’s social media posts for the following month (not creation)

Ad hoc finances support


Catherine is available:
Weekdaysand Evenings
Admin Tasks Personal Assistant Tasks Calendar Management Social Media Content Management Email Management Networking outreach Data Entry Data/Info Analysis Online Filing Systems Presentation Building and Editing Research Transcription Minute taking Website editing Procurement Email marketing set-up Onboarding Suppliers/Clients Invoice processing Client / Invoice Management Booking and Managing Suppliers End to End Event management Wedmin (wedding admin) Calendly set-up LinkTree set-up Stripe product and coupon creation
Catherine has extensive experience dealing with finances, using Xero to reconcile incoming & outgoing payments. She is also experienced in the Education sector, working with schools in order to make things more efficient.
Here are some examples of jobs that Catherine has completed recently:

Research job for travel options for a trip to Germany –

Researching and presenting the options for all aspects of travel for a Company Director’s trip to Germany. Understanding their requirements and suggesting options to suit.

Bookkeeping for a sole trader –

Processing a tax years worth of receipts and transactions on Quickbooks to update their accounts.

Website edits on Wordpress –

Copy edits (written by client) for a Wordpress website.

Transcribing meetings –

Running the recording of the meeting through an AI processor and then formatting the notes ready for the client to present.

Social media outreach –

Contacting prospects identified by the client with a template message (written by the client) via Instagram DM.

Implementing school booking system –

Redesigning a music school’s booking methods, diary management and contact processes.

School admin tasks –

Working through a school’s extensive waiting list, filling teachers’ diaries, and booking rooms.

School communications and database management –

Sending communications to parents in order to check that the information on file was current, and then updated the data as necessary.

Email marketing –

Sourcing appropriate news and information for a regular newsletter.

Meeting preparation and minute taking –

Ensuring all attendees have the correct paperwork ahead of the meeting, attending the meeting and minute taking as necessary. Collating all completed paperwork after the meeting and ensuring it is sent to the attendees.

Lyndsay Creative Freelancers


Lyndsay is available:
Social Media Tasks Creative Tasks Copywriting / Creative Writing Marketing Campaigns Social Media Creation Social Media Adverts SEO Proofreading PR Google Analytics Video Editing and Creation Blog Writing Newsletter Creation Podcast Editing Image Editing Product Photography UGC Content Creation (Consumer-Generated Content) Stop Motion Product Lifestyle Videos
Lyndsay helps brands with content plans, social media strategies & SEO. She is proficient at creating content & providing creative input to marketing campaigns & advertising, as well as newsletter creation, blog writing & photo/video editing.
Here are some examples of jobs that Lyndsay has completed recently:

Social media audit and strategy planning –

Working with an e-commerce client, looking at the social media they had in place and creating a strategy for their ongoing content

Social media creation –

Creating a month’s worth of social media content for a brand including reels, stories and main feed posts. On FB, IG and TikTok.

Blog writing for a lifestyle influencer –

Writing blogs for a lifestyle influencer to support their 360 campaign and increase their SEO.



Sera is available:
Managerial Tasks Online Business Manager Team Management Company Culture Development Planning Copywriting/Creative Writing Proofreading Video Editing and Creation Blog Writing Newsletter Creation Podcast Editing Editing Audio Media
Sera has a vast amount of experience running a corporate entertainment company and managing over 100 freelancers. As the founder of the company, she has learned many skills along the way which led to her development as an online business manager.
Here are some examples of jobs that Sera has completed recently:

Online Business Manager Audit –

Reviewing the company’s processes and helping them create clarity.

Development planning session with a business Coach –

Looking at their goals for their business and breaking it down into achievable steps for them to follow.

Blog writing for a range of different businesses –

Such as an HR Agency, Entertainment Agency, Musician, Business Coach, and many more.

Writing the copy for a HR agency’s website –

Working on the company’s tone of voice and messaging.

Editing audio media for several different businesses for marketing use –

Such as Podcasts, YouTube, Clips to include in presentations etc.