7 Hacks to Super Boost Your Startup

So, you’ve dreamt up a mind-blowing-idea-above-all-other-ideas and decided to take the leap in building your startup. Congratulations, you are well on your way to becoming a successful and happy business owner!

There’s a lot to think about, so here’s 7 of our favourite hacks to super boost your Startup into superstardom!


1. Build for your future right from the get go

Build your team

Even if you’re a team of one right now, when your Startup begins to scale, your team will grow substantially. Building your processes with a larger team in mind is an intelligent way to build the foundations of a growing business. Even if your project management software is filled with tasks assigned only to you!  Having your systems already in place means others can step in seamlessly when the time is right.  It also means you can test out your systems without anyone else relying on them!

One of the packages we offer here at My Freelance Admin is our ‘processes package’  – where an Online Business Manager can step in and create your systems and processes for you.  We’ll help you decide where and how your team might need to grow in the near future.

2. Don’t be afraid to hire in support for your Startup.

This one is huge! 

So many of us entrepreneurs feel like we have to start alone. Whilst there are (seemingly) financial savings to be made, we could spend months trying to figuring out how to do it all ourselves.  Hiring support and letting yourself step into a leadership role is a powerful step to building your business. This saves you so much time and energy. And of course there are people out there who can help you with whatever it is you need support with.

Using a virtual assistant agency such as My Freelance Admin is a powerful way to ask for the support you need. Amongst our incredible selection of assistants we have a wide range of skills and experience, who can take on any task.

3. Batch your social media content creation

For a Startup, putting aside a day or two to pre-plan your first month of content is especially important. Having a month of posts in front of you will allow you to check the tone of voice is consistent, making sure you have a range of subjects and styles of posts spread over the month.  It also means you can free up your mind for other things once you’ve launched. 

This is especially helpful for those days when you’re tired or having a bad day – it means you can be consistently posting, no matter what. Websites like ‘Planoly’ or ‘Later’ are a handy tool to pre schedule your content. 

We can provide a virtual assistant to do this for you regularly each month ….  Get in touch to find out more!

4. Test your market

Market testing is a powerful way to explore your product and make sure you are putting out the best you can. 

Starting with your own network of family and friends is a perfect way to start. You could create a focus group with 4 or 5 friends or family members who you know will be honest. Try to find people who represent your ideal customer, and ask if they’d be interested in supporting you with some feedback.

You can also hire one of our virtual assistants to assess the results of your focus group.  We can also research into your competitors and target audience, and present it to you in a clear and concise presentation.

5. Build a pre-launch email list 

For someone in the middle of starting up a new business, it does seem like a scary idea to put out there!  But building up your email list by running competitions, giveaways or other lead magnet campaigns (offering free PDFs or educational videos etc) is a really intelligent choice.  When you’re caught up in your Startup it might seem too soon if you’re products are not ready, but an aligned consumer will be very happy with whatever lead magnet you offer them. They won’t necessarily expect anything else, and you’ll be glad of your flourishing email list when it comes to launch time!

Book a call with us to have a chat about how we can help you build your mailing list.

6. Design unbeatable customer service systems

Outsource customer service

Even if you don’t yet have any customers to speak of, ‘yet’ is most definitely the key word. Building your customer service systems early is a key to success. Taking a deep dive into this before you launch will give you fantastic understanding of the customer journey before your customers have even arrived. Which will lead to an outstanding experience once they find you!

Here at My Freelance Admin we have virtual assistants who LOVE taking care of customers and can help you set up your systems early. Book a call with us now to chat about this!

7. Reach out to bloggers and micro influencers about your product

Seemingly a relatively new concept, yet there has always been some form of ‘influencer’ marketing going on.  Teaming up with an aligned influencer or blogger can be a fantastic way to launch your business with a bang! Enabling you to reach people in a much less formal way than with traditional marketing and advertising.

Our virtual assistants can help you research aligned blogs and influencers and reach out to them on your behalf. Get in touch today to find out more! 


Skills on Demand


What if we told you that we could build a bespoke team that could cover all these skills listed above, and more?  Our ‘Skills on Demand’ package does just that! You tell us your budget and what tasks you need completing each week, and we put a team together for you and make it happen. 


Booking a call with us can be a great way to get the conversation started, even if you don’t feel quite ready yet. Let’s get together and brainstorm some ideas of how we can make space for your business to thrive. 

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