Outsource Customer Service – 3 essential reasons

When a business starts to thrive, one of the keys to continued growth is to outsource customer service. But why does it feel so hard to let go of?

Passionate business owners often trouble themselves with these limiting thoughts:

  • Won’t my customers feel weird talking to someone else?
  • Shouldn’t I be the one to handle complaints or issues?
  • No one knows my products/services like I do, so surely I should be the customer contact?

We hear you, and we completely understand your worry.

But from our experience, we can also tell you the answer to all of these questions is actually ‘no’.

3 essential reasons why:

1. Creating Boundaries

Creating Boundaries

Separating yourself from the customer journey makes their experience with your company actually feel more professional.

A client gets in touch with an issue logging in to your platform – should you be the one answering these queries? Sub-contracting and being able to focus purely on your business makes space for growth AND creates healthy client boundaries.

A customer wants to check in on an order –  does it seem right that the founder of the product is answering emails?

Having a customer service representative automatically presents an ‘upleveled’ operation, sets professional boundaries, and instills confidence in your buyers.

2. Building Trust

Building Trust

Our freelance Virtual Assistants are experienced in creating a stress-free handover, making outsourcing customer service a lot less stressful.

They know exactly how to get to the crux of who you are, what you provide, and what your business values are, so they can accurately represent them.

Trusting an agency to take on your customer service means that as you expand, we take care of training up new freelance representatives that are perfectly aligned with who you are and what your business does.

And when you can fully trust your team, so will your customer.

3. Letting Go

Letting Go

Every business has some sort of challenging situation once in a while with a customer, and as the business owner it’s common to take these things personally.

That ‘punch in the gut’ feeling that hits when you feel your business has done something ‘wrong’, we’ve all been there!  No matter how diligent we are, every now and then there are difficult situations to deal with. This is an inevitable part of running a business, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Our VA’s will seamlessly make sure your customer feels heard, understood and taken care of.

Everything learned from the experience is passed on to the relevant department within your business, so growth is always at the heart of every challenge.

You no longer need to be involved in those difficult conversations. This frees you up to grow the business in a positive mindset and outsource everything else to us.

Having an experienced freelance customer service VA is a vital way to keep an emotional boundary between you and challenging situations.

Interested in finding out how our customer service VA’s can support you? Get in touch today to discuss your needs. We offer customer service virtual assistant packages to support a wide range of businesses and would love to find out how we can support you.

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